Upgrade Options

We offer these common upgrade requests for your convenience, customize your home how you want it. By providing these upgrades as options we give you full control of your budget.

(IVA must be added if upgrade options are not included at the time of contract)

1.- Swimming pool: Construction of a 3 x 4 m chukum finished swimming pool, with a filling well and a drainage well and its submersible pump for filling. $ 80,0000.

2.- Covered garage: Construction of 5.50 meters x 6 meters with 4 spots and a double contact and a damper. $ 120,000

3.-Charcoal grill of 4.80 in length, with grill surface of 1 linear meter, 2 working areas of linear .60 cm and 2 spaces for ice of 80 linear cm, drain of each ice chest. each. $ 10,000.

4.- Irrigation system for front and back garden with 6 sprinklers and the pvc pipe required. $10,000.

5.- Front and rear garden planted with American roll of grass, soil and fertilizer included as well as package of decorative plants. $10,000.

6.- Roof terrace package and balcony on the second floor. $98,000.

7.- Smooth white plaster finish in the interior walls $49,000,

8.- Lighting package plus 25 additional spots and LED lighting throughout the house, including courtesy light on the stairs $20,000.

9.- Preparation for hydropneumatic / pressurizer for pressurized water $10,000

10.- Concrete  storage shelves in the 3 bedrooms and laundry area. Concrete shelves in cupboard and white closet. $10,000

11.-Upgrade of Doors: Made of solid cedar wood 2.40 mts and fixed up to 60 cms. Painted with semi-matt varnish, chambranas and frame that cover the entire space of the door. $20,000.

12.- Facade of 20 m2 with natural stone of the region. $10,000.